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June 2022 Edition

Consumer Sessions Scheduled for Public Input | About Consumer Sessions | May Dockets

April 2022 Edition

National Safe Digging Month | How 811 Works | Top 5 Damage Root Causes | March Dockets

March 2022 Edition

Fix A Leak Week | Detect & Chase Down Leaks | PUCN Regulation of Water & Wastewater Facilities | February Dockets

February 2022 Edition

Annual Report Season | Power Outages - Who's Responsible for Damages? | January Dockets

January 2022 Edition

DIY Weatherization to Save Energy | NV Energy: Free In-Home Energy Assessment | Southwest Gas: Home Heating Saving Tips | December Dockets

December 2021 Edition

Weatherization Opportunities for Seniors | National Value of Water Campaign | PUCN-Regulated Water & Wastewater Utilities | November Dockets

November 2021 Edition

Residential Solar - What Homeowners Need to Know | Solar Complaints | Natural Gas Regulation in Nevada | October Dockets

October 2021 Edition

Who Does the PUCN Regulate? | Clark County General Consumer Session Oct. 7 | September Dockets

September 2021 Edition

Safe Digging Practices Honored at Annual Nov. Dinner | Clark County General Consumer Session | Vehicle Fuel & Emission Costs Online Calculator | August Dockets

August 2021 Edition

General Consumer Sessions Scheduled | PUCN Report Summarizes Investigation of Electric Capacity Constraints | Nevada Wildfire Awareness - Protect, Prevent & Prepare with NV Energy | Aug. 11 is 811 Day | Get to Know Us: Rail Safety | June Dockets

July 2021 Edition

PUCN Report Summarizes Investigation of Electric Capacity Constraints | Nevada Wildfire Awareness - Protect, Prevent & Prepare with NV Energy | Get to Know Us: Rail Safety | June Dockets

June 2021 Edition

Emergency Broadband Benefit Program | Public Comment at PUCN Agendas | Get to Know us: General Counsel | June Dockets

May 2021 Edition

Wildfire Awareness | Natural Disaster Preparedness | Get to Know Us: Staff Legal Counsel | April Dockets

April 2021 Edition

April Is National Safe Digging Month | Get to Know Us: Gas Pipeline Safety | March Dockets

March 2021 Edition

Fix A Leak Weak | Get to Know Us: Engineering Division | Stories from the Field | February Dockets

February 2021 Edition

Consumer Complaints with a Utility | 2020 Energy Efficiency Scorecard Names Nevada Most Improved | PUCN Business Process Services | Jan. 2021 Dockets

January 2021 Edition

Nevada State Climate Strategy Released | Utility Bill Payment Assistance | PUCN Financial Analysis Division | Dec. 2020 Dockets

December 2020 Edition

Attorney General Warns of Utility Imposter Scams | PUCN Website Ranks No. 1 for Pipeline Safety | Reporting Fraud Helps Everyone - and Now It's Easier

November 2020 Edition

Listen Live to PUCN Proceedings | PV Watts Solar Calculator | Weatherization Assistance Program | Utility Shutoff Notice | October Dockets

October 2020 Edition

PUCN Strategic Plan | Lifeline Assistance Program | PUCN Distributes Infrared Thermometers | September Dockets

September 2020 Edition

Utility Bill Payment Assistance | PUCN Help for Consumers | Crano appointed Utilities Hearing Officer; Lomoljo named Staff Counsel | August Dockets

August 2020 Edition

Tammy Cordova Appointed Commissioner | 8/11 Day | General Consumer Sessions Scheduled | July Dockets

July 2020 Edition

Utility Imposter Scams | Eligibility for LifeLine Due to Covid-19 | Mobile App Compliments 211 Helpline | June Dockets

June 2020 Edition

Alternative/Performance Based Ratemaking in Nevada | Electrical Engineers at the PUCN | May Dockets

May 2020 Edition

PUCN Applauds Utilities for Proactive COVID-19 Response | Don't Guess Where Your Buried Utilities Are - Call 811 | April Dockets

April 2020 Edition

PUCN Offices Closed to Public | Stay Informed, Participate from Home | April Is Nat'l Safe Digging Month | March Dockets

March 2020 Edition

Save Water During Fix a Leak Week | PUCN-Regulated Water/Wastewater Utilities | February Dockets

January 2020 Edition

Transportation electrification in Nevada | Nevada's climate goals | Get to know us: Nichole Shafer | December 2019 Dockets

December 2019 Edition

Tips for choosing a solar contractor | Get to know us: Lisa Scott | Commissioner Williamson panelist at Arizona conference | November dockets

November 2019 Edition

Empower yourself against utility scams | Identify theft and the "dark web" | Get to know us: Karen Olesky | October Dockets

October 2019 Edition

Handbook helps prepare for disasters, impact on utility services | New law requires disaster plan for electric utilities | Get to know us: Shayla Hooker | Weatherization Assistance Program helps seniors, disabled | September dockets

September 2019 Edition

Lifeline Awareness Week | Nigerian delegation visits PUCN | Get to know us: Gary Cameron | Western EIM benefits | August dockets

August 2019 Edition

Fraud is everywhere | Get to know us: Neil Pascual | Safe digging 101 | July dockets | 811 Day at Cowabunga Bay

July 2019 Edition

2019 Legislative Session/PUCN Rulemakings | Safe Excavating Procedures | PUCN Accomplishments | June Dockets

June 2019 Edition

The PUCN's All-Female Commission | PUCN 101: Who we are and what we regulate | May Dockets

May 2019 Edition

PUCN to Have Role in Wildfire Prevention | What is a Docket? | April Dockets

April 2019 Edition

National Safe Digging Month | Underground Damage Prevention | Craig Rogers, Gas Pipeline Engineer

March 2019 Edition

Fix a Leak Week | Nevada Water Service Providers | Electric Regulation in Nevada | February Dockets