Filing Tips

  1. Review all applicable and relevant statutes and regulations. UEPA permits are addressed in Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 704.820 through 704.900 and (NAC) Nevada Administrative Code 703.415 through 703.427.

  2. Draft UEPA filing to include a draft notice (PDF).

  3. Provide a roadmap (table of contents) for the application so that the Commission can easily determine that all applicable requirements have been addressed in the application. Easily identifiable headers for each required section are also helpful. A more efficient determination of whether the filing is legally sufficient will prevent unnecessary delays in the acceptance of an application for docketing.

  4. If information required pursuant to NRS and/or NAC is not yet available at the time of filing, please state that the information required by that provision is not yet available and state the reason that it is not available.

  5. Schedule a pre-filing meeting with Staff.

  6. File your UEPA application with the Commission no later than the date an application is filed with the appropriate federal agency (if federal filing is required).

  7. Include as much information as possible about the project in the filing. Examples of such information are:

    • Temporary/long-term employment figures with estimated pay.
    • Estimated water usage for construction and operations.
    • Project location description (decide if legal or general is wanted beforehand).
    • If details about project technology are not known, list of the possibilities (for example, mono or poly crystalline PV panels, hybrid or air cooled condenser).
    • List of locations from which workforce will be drawn.
    • List of all alternate locations of the project, including the associated acreage.
    • If possible, details on PPAs signed or to be signed. 
    • Discussion of project visibility from roads and urban areas.
    • Electrical one-line diagrams of the project and its interconnection point(s).
    • Capacity information for transmission lines that are part of the project.
    • If possible, copies of transmission service agreements with utilities.
    • If possible, estimates for network upgrade costs determined in system impact studies.
    • Copies of environmental studies performed (draft and final).
    • Copies of transmission system studies performed or expected completion dates.
    • Any available records of comments from any public scoping meetings.
    • Detail regarding the extent of need for the project and impacts/benefits to the grid.
    • Detail regarding the economic benefits to the state.
    • Construction schedules, milestones and commercial operation dates.
  8. If the project scope changes, inform Staff of the change in as much detail as possible.

  9. When filing the amended application (if federal review is required), ensure that the list of required permits is accurate.  An inaccurate list will delay the processing of the application, the issuance of an order granting or denying the UEPA permit, and the issuance of the UEPA permit itself.