Geothermal Water

Regulatory Duties

Pursuant to NRS 704.669, every corporation or person selling geothermal energy to the public in Nevada is subject to the jurisdiction and control of the PUCN. The PUCN does not have any regulatory oversight over geothermal utilities that sell electricity on the wholesale market, that are operated by governmental bodies or quasi-governmental bodies, or by political subdivisions of the state.

Corporations or persons who sell geothermal energy to the public and are subject to regulation by the PUCN must:

  • Obtain an operating permit from the PUCN.
  • Demonstrate the economic feasibility of the system.
  • Demonstrate that the corporation or person wishing to sell goethermal energy has the managerial and technical capability to operate the system.
  • Obtain approval from the PUCN for the rates and terms of a contract made between a geothermal utility and each of its customers.

Geothermal utilities regulated by the PUCN sell geothermal space or water heating, also referred to as “direct use” of the geothermal resource. See NRS 704.669 or NAC 704.760 - 704.782 for more information about the PUCN's regulatory authority over geothermal utilities.

    Regulated Geothermal Utilities

    • Nevada Geothermal Utility Company, Inc. - serves certain areas of Washoe County
    • Elko Heat Company - serves certain areas of the city of Elko

      Geothermal Operating Permits

      • Geothermal