Mobile Home Tenant Complaints

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Mobile home tenants who believe the landlord has violated any of the provisions of NRS 704.930, 704.940 or 704.960 may complain to the Commission's Consumer Complaint Resolution Division (Division) by calling (775) 684-6100 in Northern Nevada and (702) 486-2600 in Southern Nevada.

Mobile home landlords must cooperate fully with the Division's investigation of the mobile home tenant's complaint.

  • Parks must retain billing records for at least 3 years. See NAC 704.986
  • Books and records must be available upon request to the Commission for the purpose of verifying charges made to tenants.

If unable to resolve the complaint, the Division shall transmit the complaint to the Commission along with its recommendations.

The Commission shall investigate, and if probable cause exists, give notice and hold a public hearing.

If the Commission finds that the owner of the mobile home park has violated any of the provisions under which he is required to operate, the owner shall be ordered to cease and desist from any further violation, and may be subject to an administrative fine pursuant to NRS 703.380.

If the violation involves an overcharge for utility service, the Commission shall determine the amount of the overcharge to the mobile home tenant, and order the mobile home landlord to return that amount to the mobile home tenant within a specified amount of time.

The Commission shall compel compliance by any appropriate civil remedy if the mobile home landlord fails or refuses to comply with its order.