A tariff is a collection of rules that defines the relationship between a utility and its customers. Each utility has its own tariff. The tariff may consist of up to 20 or more rules. Rules address service area, rates, allocation of costs for line extensions, allocation of costs for new customer connections, requirements for new customers (water right dedications), and other issues which define the responsibilities and authorities of the utility. Tariffs are intended to ensure that utilities apply non-discriminatory practices to all customers. Tariffs are formally accepted or approved by the Commission and can only be changed by Commission order. Complete and approved tariffs for each regulated utility are maintained by the Commission.

Nevada Administrative Code 703.375 – 703.410 provides more information on the type of information a utility must include in its tariffs.


    Utility Tariff Links

    Links to the tariffs of several utilities regulated by the PUCN are listed below.  If you do not see your utility in this list, please contact the PUCN for more information about obtaining your utility's tariffs.