Mobile Home Park General Obligations

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Mobile home park landlords who resell natural gas, electric or water utility services are responsible for the following:

  1. Understanding and complying with NRS 704.905 - 704.960 and NAC 704.980 - 704.991.

  2. Ensuring that the utility facilities in the park are adequately maintained, inspected and tested: NRS 704.920; NAC 704.982.

  3. Maintaining adequate records: NRS 704.940(9); NAC 704.986.

  4. Submitting an annual report of the park's activities to the Commission: NRS 704.960; NAC 704.987.

  5. Providing service to its tenants in a manner consistent with the rules, tariffs or ordinances of the utility or governmental entity from which the park receives service: NRS 704.930(1).

  6. Adhering to the following general regulations in billing its customers for gas or electric utility service:
    1. Itemizing each component of the billing for utility services on the monthly rental statement presented to each tenant: NRS 704.940(8). See Samples.
    2. Computing charges in the manner authorized by the Commission: NRS 704.940 and NAC 704.985.
    3. Determining whether to charge a tenant service charge for gas or electric service, and treating it pursuant to applicable requirements: NRS 704.940 and NAC 704.983.
  7. Landlords are specifically prohibited from:
    1. Charging tenants more for utility services than what they are charged by the serving utility: NRS 704.940(1) & (4).
    2. Billing tenants for common area costs if such costs can be readily identified: NRS 704.940(3); NAC 704.985(4)(b).
    3. Charging a service charge for water service other than the charge imposed by a water utility serving the park: NRS 704.940(4); NAC 704.985(1)(a)(4).

The statutes enacted by the Legislature and the administrative regulations adopted by the Commission specify and explain the obligations of landlords who provide utility services to their tenants. It is essential for landlords to be familiar with the statutes and regulations. Copies of both can be obtained from the Public Utilities Commission at (702) 486-7210 in Las Vegas, or at (775) 684-6101 in Carson City or from the Nevada Legislature's website at http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NRS/ and http://www.leg.state.nv.us/NAC/.