Call Before You Crane (Overhead Power Line Safety)

Nevada law requires permission from the electric utility before working near overhead power lines.

Known as the “Call Before You Crane” law, the Nevada Legislature enacted this law designed to provide safer working conditions in areas around high voltage overhead power lines. Accidents involving contact with high voltage lines can result in serious injury, even death.

Before doing any work that puts you at risk of coming into contact with overhead lines, call NV Energy at (702) 402-2929. Anyone planning to work within 10 feet of a line carrying between 600 volts and 50 kilovolts of electricity, including private parties or businesses planning to work with hand tools or operate equipment, must contact the utility. (In areas outside of NV Energy’s service territory, people planning projects near overhead lines need to contact their local electric utility.)

NV Energy will promptly consent to the work if it can be performed with reasonable safety. If necessary, additional conditions may be required before consent is given. These could include:

  • Reasonable limits on the time, place and manner of the work;
  • Placing barriers to prevent contact with the lines;
  • Temporarily disconnecting the power to the lines.

Work to be done by NV Energy as the result of these conditions must be started within five working days of:

  • Receiving notice of work planned near an overhead line, or
  • Executing an agreement on payment for preventative work needed to meet these conditions.

The law states that the person responsible for the work near overhead lines “shall pay any actual expenses” of the utility in providing the preventative measures. The only exception is when work is being done on a structure that was already in place when the overhead line was installed.

If the utility is not contacted prior to work near overhead lines, pursuant to NRS 455.250, failure to follow the law could result in a $1,000 per day civil penalty. For information about overhead line safety and state regulations, visit NV Energy’s website at: A few simple precautions can help you stay safe whenever you’re working near overhead or underground power lines. NV Energy will provide free safety presentations to groups of employees. To schedule a presentation, call NV Energy’s Safety Department in southern Nevada at (702) 402-2671 or in northern Nevada at (775) 834-7705.