Alternative Ratemaking Investigation

The PUCN opened Docket 19-06008 in response to Senate Bill 300 (2019). SB 300 requires the PUCN to adopt regulations for an electric utility to apply for approval of an alternative ratemaking plan. More info . . .

    Regulatory Duties

    The PUCN has broad regulatory authority to implement the State’s energy policies, including developing renewable energy resources within Nevada and promoting energy conservation, while promoting safe and reliable service at just and reasonable rates. The PUCN's primary electric utility regulatory activities include:

    The PUCN regulates the operations of Sierra Pacific Power Company and Nevada Power Company, both of which conduct business as NV Energy. The PUCN regulates the service territories, but not the rates or service quality of municipally-owned or cooperative electric utilities.

      Check Your Regulatory Status

      If you are a current electric or geothermal company in Nevada and want to check the status of your annual reports, assessments and payments, and other regulatory obligations, click here.

        New Electric Companies

        If you are considering forming a new electric company in Nevada, please contact the PUCN for information.