Potential Permits

Potential Federal, State, County and Local Permits

This list does not contain every permit that may be required for a project, nor does it imply that all permits below apply to all projects. The list was developed from previous filings made with the PUCN and from discussions with all counties and some local jurisdictions. The list is current as of May 2012.

Potential Federal Permits

Agency Permit
BLM SF 299 (ROW Authorization Permit)
BLM Plan of Development
BLM Draft EA or EIS
BLM Final EA or EIS
BLM Finding of No Significant Impact
BLM Record of Decision
BLM ROW Grants
BLM NEPA Compliance to Grant ROW
BLM NHPA Section 110 (EO11593)
BLM Historic Properties Treatment Plan
BLM NHPA Section 106 Review (36 CRF 800)
BLM Cultural Resource Use Permit
BLM Field Use Authorization
BLM Archaeological Resources Protection Act Permit
BLM Decommissioning & Site Reclamation Plan
BLM Weed Management Plan
BLM Drilling Operations Permit*
BLM Geothermal Plan of Utilization*
BLM Geothermal Unit Agreement Approval*
BLM Transmission Plan of Development*
BLM Mineral Material Sale Contract (Gravel)
BLM Facilities Construction Permit
BLM Commercial Use Permit
BLM Temporary Use Permit for Geotechnical Investigations (Form 2920)*
BLM Site License
BOR ROW License Agreement
FAA Determination of No Hazard to Navigable Airspace*
FAA Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration (Form 7460.1)*
FERC Notice of Self Certification as a QF*
USACE Approved Jurisdictional Determination (Clean Water Act Section 404)
USDOD R-2508 Complex Sustainability Office Review and Approval
USEPA Provisional EPA ID Numbers
USEPA Permanent EPA ID Numbers
USEPA Title V Air Pollution Source*
USFS Special Use Permit
USFWS Endangered Species Act Section 7 Consultation
USFWS Avian and Bat Protection Plan*
USFWS Migratory Bird Treaty Plan*
USFWS Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act*

*These permits may only apply to electric and/or renewable energy projects.


Potential State Permits

Agency Permit
NDEP Class II Air Operating Permits (stationary/temporary mobile sources)*
NDEP Solid Waste Disposal Facility Permit (operations)*
NDEP Surface Area Disturbance - Class II Operating Permit (dust control plan)
NDEP Dust Control Plan - Laydown Area and Parking
NDEP CEMS Certification Plans (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System)*
NDEP SPCC - Construction (Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures)
NDEP SPCC - Operations
NDEP Construction Storm Water General Permit
NDEP General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activities
NDEP Groundwater Discharge Permit
NDEP On-Site Sanitary Disposal System (Septic System) Permit
NDEP Above Storage Tank Permits/Notifications (for petroleum storage)
NDEP Chemical Accident Prevention Plan
NDEP Commercial Septic Discharge Permit
NDEP Clean Water Act Section 402 Permit
NDEP 401 Water Quality Certificate
NDEP Working in Waterways Temporary Permit
NDEP National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (industrial activities)*
NDEP Temporary Construction Water Permit (water rights)
NDEP Safe Drinking Water (privately owned public water system)
NDEP Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
NDEP Underground Injection Control Permit*
NDIR Pressure Vessel Inspection and Permitting
NDOA Survey/Removal of Native Cacti and Yucca
NDOF Incidental Take Permit
NDOF Conditional Permit for Disturbance or Destruction of Critically Endangered Plants
NDOM Geothermal Project Area Permit*
NDOT Occupancy Permit
NDOT Permit to Open State Highway
NDOT Over Legal Size/Load Permit
NDOT Uniform Permit (for transportation of hazardous materials)
NDOT Traffic Barricade Plan Approval
NDOT Encroachment Permit (for crossing state highways - electric lines)*
NDOW Industrial Artificial Pond Permit
NDOW Permit to Capture, Kill, or Possess Protected Wildlife (or written authorization)
NDOW Disturbance of Wildlife and/or Wildlife Habitat (not specific to endangered species)
NDOW Letter of Authorization for Removal of Desert Tortoise from Construction Site
NDOW Scientific Collection Permit
NDWR Ground Water Well Approval (point of diversion permits, temporary/permanent)
NDWR Water Appropriations Permits
NHD Drinking Water Supplies Permit
NHD Radiological Logging*
PUCN Permit to Construct
SFM Health Permit for Hazardous Materials
SFM Building Construction Approval
SFM Hazardous Materials Permit (roving permit)

*These permits may only apply to electric and/or renewable energy projects.


Potential County Permits

County Permit
(775) 423-7627
Building Permit(s)
Special Use Permit(s)
(702) 455-4314
(702) 455-5942
(702) 455-3000
Development Agreement
Dust Control Permit
Grading Permit
Major/Minor Stationary Source Permit (Emissions)*
Off-Site Improvement Permit
ROW Encroachment Permit
Special Use Permit
(775) 782-6212
Building Permit
Design Review Approval Entitlement)
Site Improvement Permit
Special Use Permit
(775) 738-6816
Building Permit
Conditional Use Permit
ROW Encroachment Permit
(775) 485-3483
No permits
(775) 237-5372
No permits
(775) 623-6333
Conditional Use Permit (for rural areas)
Special Use Permit (for urban areas)
(775) 635-2860
Building Permit
Dust Control Permit (for work near highways)
Septic System Permit (for rural areas)
Special Use Permit (Construction and Operations)
Temporary Occupancy Permit (for sewage disposal systems)
(775) 962-5165
Building Permit
Development Agreement
Grading Permit
Multiple Species Habitat
Conservation Plan
Special Use Permit
(775) 463-6592
(775) 463-6591
Special Use Permit
(775) 945-3671
Building Permit
Special Use Permit
(775) 751-4249
Building Permit
Conditional Use Permit
Drainage Plan Approval
Fire Safety Compliance Certification (outside of Pahrump, NV)
Flood Damage Prevention Permit outside of Pahrump, NV)
Road Improvement Plan Approval
Site Development Plan
Special Use Permit
(775) 273-2700
Building Permit
County Road Encroachment Permit
Grading Permit
Special Use Permit
(775) 847-0966
Building Permit
Grading Permit
ROW Encroachment Permit
Special Use Permit
Will Serve Letter (sewer)
(775) 328-2030
Building Permit
Class I-B Air Quality Operating Permit*
Dust Control Permit
ROW Encroachment Permit
Special Use Permit
White Pine
(775) 289-6500
Ext. 215
(775) 293-6547
Building Permit (within 1 mile of Ely)
Conditional Use Permit (within 1 mile of Ely)
Height Variance (over 35 feet)*
Special Use Permit

*These permits may only apply to electric and/or renewable energy projects.


Potential Local Permits

Jurisdiction Permit
City of Boulder City
(702) 293-9282
Building Permit
Electrical Permit
Fencing Permit
Fire Detection & Protection System Installation Permit
Grading Permit
Miscellaneous Commercial Permit(s)
Parking Permit
ROW Grant
Sign Permit
City of Fernley
(775) 784-9900
Building Permit
Civil Plan Review
Grading Permit
Special Use Permit
City of Henderson
(702) 267-1500
Special Use Permit
City of Las Vegas(702) 229-1239
(702) 229-4731
Building Permit
Special Use Permit
City of Reno
(775) 334-2063
Class I-B Air Quality Operating Permit*
Commercial Building Permit
Electrical and Plumbing Permit
Fire Sprinkler/Suppression/Alarm Permit
Special Use Permit
City of Sparks
(775) 353-2306
Special Use Permit
Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Agency
(775) 321-8385
Special Use Permit

*This permit may only apply to electric and/or renewable energy projects.