We are in the process of updating our Document Management System and some documents may not be available through the “All Dockets” link.  If you are unable to find a document, please check our previous dockets website: PUCN All Dockets

    Docket Numbers

    The PUCN assigns a docket number to all new filings (applications, petitions, rulemakings, investigations, etc.). The docket number serves as a unique identifier for the matter.

    After a docket has been opened and assigned a number, all subsequent documents filed by any party (such as comments or testimony) or issued by the PUCN (such as notices and orders) in the course of the proceedings are identified by the same docket number and can be located using the docket number.


      Transcripts of PUCN proceedings are generally available within 15 business days after the close of a proceeding unless otherwise ordered by the Presiding Officer. Transcripts are not available on the web, NRS 239.053 requires the PUCN to charge a fee for the court reporter for a copy of a transcript. If a document titled Proceeding Transcript is listed as one of the documents filed as part of a docket, it means that a transcript is on file for this docket and is available by requesting a copy and paying a fee as outlined on the PUCN's online public record request form.

        Service Lists

        To stay informed of ongoing activity in a docket, subscribe to a service list.