Filing & Fees

How to Make a Filing/Payment to the PUCN

Filings and associated fees or payments to the PUCN may be made:

  1. In person at the PUCN's Carson City or Las Vegas office.
  2. By mail (USPS, UPS, FedEx, courier) to the PUCN's
    Carson City or Las Vegas office.
  3. Online via the PUCN's Electronic Filings & Payment Systems.
  4. Through electronic media (DVD, CD, flash/thumb drive), delivered in person or mailed to either of the PUCN’s offices, for filings larger than 400 pages, submitted in volumes.

    Tips for In Person & Mail Filings

    1. Pursuant to NAC 703.136, documents filed in person or by mail must:
      • Be typewritten in black ink or be prepared by another duplication process that will produce clear and permanent copies equally legible to printing.
      • Be unbound (no staples, clips, etc).
      • Not have external tabs or dividers.
      • Be printed on one side of 18 to 24 pound white paper that is 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size.
    2. Pursuant to NAC 703.162, the PUCN requires that a draft notice be included with all applications, tariff filings, complaints and petitions.  Click here to view a sample draft notice.
    3. If filing in a matter that already has a docket number, clearly reference the docket number.
    4. Review NAC 703.5274 for instructions on filing confidential information. 

      Tips for Electronic & Electronic Media Filings

      Electronic filings must be made according to the PUCN's Electronic Filing User's Guide or UEC Electronic Filing User's Guide.