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  1. The total amount which tenants pay for utility services on a monthly basis, exclusive of any tenant service charges, must not exceed the amount which the park pays to the serving utility.

  2. In mobile home parks equipped with submeters, the amount that the tenant can be charged for utility service is calculated in the following manner:

    1. Each month the following calculations shall be made: the monthly service charge, plus any charges for outdoor lights and late charge fees or penalties, will be subtracted from the total bill that the park has received from the utility. The remaining dollar amount shall be divided by the commodity billing units stated on the bill from the utility. The resulting figure which results determines the monthly rate per unit of service provided to each tenant. The per unit rate which results from that calculation will then be multiplied by the units used by each tenant to compute the total monthly usage charge for each tenant.
    2. In order to determine the amount of the landlord's service charge which will be recovered from each tenant, the amount of any landlord's service charge assessed by the serving utility is divided by the number of tenants in the park who use that service.
    3. The total utility bill of each tenant is computed by adding the sum of the tenant's charge for usage, the tenant's prorated portion of the landlord's service charge imposed by the utility provider, and the tenant service charge for gas or electric services. The tenant service charge is discussed in detail later in this section.
  3. If the mobile home park is not equipped with submeters, the total utility charge, excluding any billing for common area usage, is prorated to all tenants by dividing the total amount of the utility bill, excluding common areas and late fees, by the number of tenants. The individual tenant's service charge for gas and electric service, if any, is then added to that amount to determine the tenant's total utility bill.

  4. Late charges in excess of those that could be charged by the serving utility cannot be assessed. The amount of the late charge must not be more than the tenant would be required to pay the utility or alternative seller for the same delinquency. NAC 704.988.