The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) is a regulatory agency that ensures investor-owned utilities comply with laws enacted by the Nevada Legislature.

The PUCN’s basic regulatory duties, as defined by the Legislature (NRS 704.001), include:

  • To provide for fair and impartial regulation of public utilities.
  • To provide for the safe, economic, efficient, prudent and reliable operation and service of public utilities.
  • To balance the interests of customers and shareholders of public utilities by providing public utilities with the opportunity to earn a fair return on their investments while providing customers with just and reasonable rates.

The PUCN regulates approximately 400 investor-owned utilities in Nevada, but does not rate-regulate municipal-owned utilities. The PUCN has limited authority over utility cooperatives. The PUCN does not regulate the rates or service quality of utility cooperatives. Click here for more information on PUCN-regulated and non-PUCN regulated utilities.