Regulatory Duties

The PUCN regulates providers of local telephone service, including CenturyLink and AT&T. The PUCN does not regulate long distance telephone service, paging service, Internet service, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and other telecommunications competitive products and services such as pay phones. The PUCN issues licenses to wireless (cell) phone providers, also referred to as commercial mobile radio services, but does not regulate this service.

Additionally, with the passage of Assembly Bill 518 (AB 518) in 2007, the PUCN no longer regulates the rates, pricing, terms and conditions of basic network service provided by competitive suppliers in Nevada, with the exception of competitive suppliers in rural areas. The intent of AB 518 was to promote competition in the local marketplace through flexibility in pricing of most components of local telephone service, including basic telephone service.

The PUCN’s telecommunication regulatory duties, generally, include:

  • Ensuring telecommunication providers establish discount rates for low-income consumers, schools, libraries and rural health care providers.
  • Encouraging competition and discouraging discrimination in the delivery of telecommunication services through standards and penalties.
  • Ensuring telecommunication services are available to consumers in rural areas at rates comparable to rates in urban areas.
  • Reviewing and approving annual performance measurements plans and performance incentives plans from competitive suppliers.

See NRS 704.6873 – 704.68887 and NAC 704.423 – 704.426 and NAC 704.6802 – 704.75996 for more information about telecommunication regulation in Nevada.

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