Director of Regulatory Operations

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Anne-Marie Cuneo

Anne-Marie Cuneo

Anne-Marie has been with the Commission since 1998 and was promoted to Director of Regulatory Operations in 2009.  She supervises and manages all aspects of the Regulatory Operations Staff, consisting of five technical divisions and Staff Counsel’s Office. She is responsible for managing Staff resources to ensure timely completion of analyses, submission of testimony, comments, reports and other filings to the Commission. She prepares and presents Staff policy positions in proceedings before the Commission, provides support to the Commission for legislative hearings and inquiries, and communicates Commission administrative and policy direction to Staff.

Anne-Marie holds a Master of Science degree in Economics from the University of Nevada, Reno. She has been a member of the Western Renewable Energy Information System (WREGIS) since its creation, first as the Western Governors Association Representative and currently serves as a representative for the State/Local/and Provincial governments.