Consumer's Bill of Rights

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The rights of Nevada electric, gas, water, and telephone utility consumers are codified in the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) at NAC 704.302-421. These provisions are commonly referred to as the Consumer’s Bill of Rights. The Consumer’s Bill of Rights is designed to make it easy to get and maintain utility services. The Consumer’s Bill of Rights recognizes that utilities provide vital services that must be made available to all utility customers on just and reasonable terms.

    Some Key Provisions

    • DEPOSITS NOT REQUIRED FOR CERTAIN CUSTOMERS: Eliminates deposits for electric, gas and phone utility customers who have established satisfactory credit or for certain customers who receive benefits from a retirement plan. (NAC 704.329; NAC 704.4085)

    • DEPOSIT SIZE LIMITED:  Limits the size of any deposit required by an electric, gas or phone utility in the event that a customer cannot establish satisfactory credit and allows for the payment of a deposit in installments in certain circumstances. (NAC 704.328; NAC 704.332; NAC 704.409(4); NAC 704.4095)

    • TERMINATION OF SERVICE FORBIDDEN IN CERTAIN CASES:  Forbids electric and gas utilities from terminating service of a customer who has requested deferred payment of a delinquent bill unless delinquent payments exceed $50, and forbids termination of water service for nonpayment unless the customer has first been offered a program of deferred payments. (NAC 704.341; NAC 704.3932)

    • PAYMENT PLANS FOR DELINQUENT BILLS:  Requires electric, gas, water and phone utilities to offer payment plans for the deferred payment of delinquent bills and requires electric and gas utilities to offer programs for the payment of bills by customers facing financial hardship. (NAC 704.341NAC 704.342; NAC 704.3932NAC 704.413)

    • ASSISTANCE FOR SENIORS/DISABLED: Requires electric, gas, water and telephone utilities to notify customers of special assistance for seniors and persons who are disabled, and requires notice be provided to those customers prior to termination of service. (NAC 704.385; NAC 704.390; NAC 704.3936; NAC 704.4065; NAC 704.417)

    • ASSISTANCE FOR SENIORS/DISABLED: Requires gas, electric, and (in certain counties) water utilities to notify customers of governmental agencies or other organizations that offer financial assistance prior to termination of service. (NAC 704.370; NAC 704.393(5); NAC 704.421)

    • EQUAL PAYMENT PLANS FOR BUDGETING:  Requires electric and gas utilities to offer equal payment plans for budgeting purposes. (NAC 704.338)

    • TERMINATION OF SERVICE POSTPONEMENT:  Requires electric, gas, water and telephone utilities to postpone service termination when doing so is dangerous to the health of the customer. (NAC 704.370; NAC 704.3936; NAC 704.4185)

    • NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY REQUIRED:  Requires electric, gas, water and telephone utilities to provide notice of delinquency prior to terminating service to any customer. (NAC 704.360; NAC 704.393; NAC 704.4165)

    • TERMINATION OF SERVICE LIMITED - EXTREME WEATHER:  Limits an electric, gas, and water utility’s right to terminate service during extreme hot or cold weather events. (NAC 704.375; NAC 704.3934)

    • THIRD-PARTY NOTICE:  Requires gas, electric and telephone utilities to provide third-party notice prior to service termination if requested by the customer. (NAC 704.365; NAC 704.4175)

    • APPLICATION FOR SERVICE:  Provides for electric, gas, and telephone utility customers to apply for service in a variety of ways, including in person, via telephone or through the mail. (NAC 704.326; NAC 704.408)

      More Information

      If you believe a utility is denying you a right covered by the Consumer’s Bill of Rights, contact the PUCN’s Consumer Complaint Resolution Division.