Consumer Complaints with a Utility

1. How do I make a complaint about service provided by a regulated utility?

Contact Your Utility First

Contact your utility’s customer service representative and try to resolve the issue directly with them. If you are not satisfied with the response, you may request that a supervisor from the utility speak to you regarding your complaint. He or she will review the representative’s response for appropriateness. Be patient. It may take time for the supervisor to gather all the facts concerning your complaint. Keep a record of your conversations with the utility, including the name of the person with whom you spoke.

Contact the PUCN's Consumer Complaint Resolution Division to Make an Informal Complaint

If you remain dissatisfied after contacting the utility, contact the PUCN’s Consumer Complaint Resolution Division (“Division”). Most of the Division's complaints are received informally by phone and are handled within 3-5 business days. Compliance investigators are able to assist you Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Northern Nevada: (775) 684-6100 
  • Southern Nevada: (702) 486-2600

The PUCN's online Complaint Form or Question Form can also be used to submit an informal complaint.

But before contacting the Division by phone or online, click here to make sure the PUCN regulates the utility your complaint pertains to. The PUCN cannot help you with a complaint against a utility it does not regulate.

    2. If I am unable to resolve my dispute with the utility and I disagree with the PUCN Consumer Complaint Resolution Division's response, what else can I do?

    File a Written Complaint with the Division

    A customer dissatisfied with the outcome of informally contacting the utility and the Division may file a formal, written complaint with the Division. A written complaint must state the facts of the dispute and the relief requested. The Consumer Division will send written acknowledgment of the complaint to the consumer within five days of receipt, and transmit the complaint to the utility within ten days of receipt. The utility must respond to the Division within ten days of receipt, unless the Division allows more time. Nevada law requires certain action by the Division if a utility simply fails to respond to a written complaint.

    Download the PUCN's formal written complaint form (PDF) to guide you through the written complaint process.

    Once the response is received from the utility, an investigator for the PUCN Regulatory Operations Staff will review applicable rules and regulations and will generally make a recommendation within 30 days regarding any actions you or the utility should take to resolve the complaint.

    Hearing Ordered or Complaint Dismissed

    If the Division is unable to resolve the written complaint, the Division will submit the results of its investigation to the Commission at an agenda meeting.  If the Commission determines that probable cause exists for the complaint, the complaint will be assigned to a presiding officer and a hearing will be held. The Commission may also dismiss the complaint if no probable cause exists or if the complaint is settled. (NAC 703.636 - 703.646)

    Additional Assistance

    In some cases, consumers may also file suit in small claims court and/or file a civil lawsuit in a court of appropriate jurisdiction. Your state and local officials may be able to offer additional assistance. Regarding telephone utilities in particular, the following agencies and individuals may offer additional assistance: