Mobile Home Parks

The PUCN’s jurisdiction over Mobile Home Parks (“MHPs”) is generally limited to the five areas of the resale of utility services:

  1. ANNUAL REPORTS: MHPs must file an annual report with the PUCN, which contains information regarding the MHP’s collection of charges and expenditures for utility services. 
  2. SAFETY: The PUCN may investigate all gas, electric, water and wastewater systems operated by an MHP and address safety concerns in such systems. 
  3. RELIABLE UTILITY SERVICE: MHPs that resell utility services must appropriately operate and maintain utility facilities. The PUCN may investigate the operation and maintenance of such utility facilities to ensure safe, reliable utility services are provided by an MHP to its tenants. 
  4. UTILITY RATES: If an MHP charges its tenants for gas, electric or water utility service, then the charges to the tenants must comply with Nevada statutes, including but not limited to NRS 704.940. The PUCN may investigate all MHP charges to its tenants for utility services.
  5. COMPLAINTS: Any tenant of an MHP who has concerns regarding the safety and reliability of utility services provided by the MHP and/or the charges collected by the MHP for utility services, may complain to the PUCN’s Consumer Complaint Resolution Division (“Division”). The Division will investigate the complaint.

    Check Your Regulatory Status

    If you are a current mobile home park in Nevada and want to check the status of your annual report, click here.