Oct. 5 is Energy Efficiency Day

  • Energy Efficiency Day 2016

The first ever Energy Efficiency Day, October 5, 2016, is a collaborative effort of regional and national organizations working to promote energy efficiency. Energy efficiency means smarter energy use and using better technology and practices to use less energy to accomplish the same tasks, while continuing to keep homes and businesses comfortable.

It is cheaper to reduce energy demand than it is to produce more energy. That makes energy efficiency typically the lowest-cost energy option – cheaper than electric or gas generation, or even renewable resources like solar and wind energy.

By reducing the need for power generation, energy efficiency helps reduce emissions quickly, locally, and at a lower cost than any other option.

Energy efficiency is an unsung hero. The U.S. has successfully avoided the need to build 313 new large power plants since 1990 as a result of energy efficiency in action. Consumers and businesses can take simple steps today to save money by conserving energy.

Here are some simple examples:

  • An LED light bulb uses at least 75% less energy, and can last up to 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.
  • An energy-efficient washing machine washes the same amount of laundry using 35% less water and 20% less energy than standard washers.
  • A well-sealed and insulated house leaks less heat in the winter, and less chilled air in the summer, and therefore requires less energy to stay comfortable.
  • Check out the PUCN's Save Energy, Save Money fact sheet for more information.

The above content was developed by Resource Media for use by organizations participating in Energy Efficiency Day.