Net Metering Study & Spreadsheet Tools

On July 8, 2013, the PUCN opened an investigation to examine the costs and benefits of net metering in Nevada. The investigation, designated as Docket No. 13-07010, was opened pursuant to the requirements of Assembly Bill 428 from the 2013 Legislative Session. As part of the investigation, the PUCN commissioned Energy + Environmental Economics (E3) to conduct a study to forecast the costs and benefits of net metering in Nevada. E3 completed the study under direction of the PUCN and a stakeholder advisory group composed of experts from the solar industry, ratepayer advocates and electric utility representatives. Click on the links below to view the results of the study and to open associated Excel spreadsheet tools.

    What is Net Metering?

    The Nevada Legislature implemented a net metering program in Nevada through the passage of Senate Bill 255 in 1997. Net metering allows an electric customer to use energy generated by his renewable energy system (solar photovoltaic, solar thermal electric, wind, biomass, geothermal electric or hydroelectric) to offset his monthly power bills. If the renewable energy system produces more energy in a billing period than the customer uses, the customer will earn credits that are recorded on his electric bill and automatically applied in the next billing period in which the customer consumes more energy than he produces. Contact your electric utility for more information on net metering.